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HDPE Pipe, Corrugated Pipe, And Fitting Welding Machine For HDPE

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01 / 09 / 2023
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PT. Tohoma Mandiri is an Indonesian national private company that facilitates technology needs for mining, industry and construction.
We have experience handling various projects of gold mining, underground mining, oil and gas companies, tunnel systems and fulfilling industrial needs.

Detail HDPE Pipe, Corrugated Pipe, And Fitting Welding Machine For HDPE

HDPE Pipe, Corrugated Ferforated Pipa HDPE Pipe Single or Double Wall, socket, End Plug, Coupler, Wye Pipe size: 90 mm -315 mm Welding Machine for HDPE

We are glad to tell you that PT TOHOMA MANDIRI is distributor chemical and mining equipment, located in Jakarta. We have knowledgeable / experienced staff with varied backgrounds in metallurgy, procurement, manufacturing, sales, supply, warehousing, logistics, maintenance. PT Tohoma Mandiri has Global Networking and Main Client Mining Company. Our products have been sold to many company in Indonesia, and our company has been awarded high reputation by the customers.

Our areasf activity and product range include:
- Mining Chemical
- Chemical for Industry
- Water Treatment Chemical
- Drilling Fluid
- Mining, Oil and Gas Equipment
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